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Posts tagged "Car Accidents"

Can highway car accidents with a pedestrian be a driver's fault?

The highways in and around Charleston are an important means of transporting goods and people throughout the area. While highways serve critical functions in many parts of the country, the higher speed limits on them can also lead to deadly car accidents.

Two injured in chain-reaction car accident

A car accident happen to people in Kanawha and throughout West Virginia, and the results can range from moderate to severe injuries to fatalities. Those who have been injured in a crash, as well as those who have lost a loved one in a wreck, can face significant losses in the accident's aftermath. When serious injury or death is caused by the negligence of another, it is critical to thoroughly investigate the accident to determine if filing a legal claim is justified.

Fatal accidents trending in the wrong direction

Tens of thousands of people die in motor vehicle accidents throughout the country each year. That alone should inform people that driving can be very dangerous. But some people don't think about this when they get behind the wheel and can make an already dangerous endeavor even more so by doing things like texting and driving and disobeying posted speed limits.

What damages can be recovered for car accident injuries?

Many car accident victims experience one of the most jarring and unexpected events in their lives. These victims usually receive no warning about neither their impending accident nor the injuries that may result. Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident can be dizzying to think about. It is advised to stay as positive as possible and to focus on the factors that you can control after such a tragic accident.

Number of fatal accidents on U.S. roadways jumps

Anytime a person travels in an automobile they run some risk that they will be involved in an accident. Whether or not they fully appreciate that risk is an entirely different story. However, the data for traffic accidents from 2015 should be a wake-up call to all drivers that safety must be their highest priority when operating a motor vehicle.

Driving is routine, but a car accident is always a possibility

Driving is a necessary part of daily life for many people in West Virginia. People can get so used to driving frequently that they forget just how dangerous it can be. But the stark reality is that auto accidents cause tens of thousands of deaths in the United States each year, as well as many more serious injuries. Accordingly, drivers should always think about safety when they get behind the wheel of an automobile.

Auto accidents are a common cause of traumatic brain injury

Most people in Charleston probably understand the seriousness of traumatic brain injury. Human life depends on proper brain function, and when a person suffers a brain injury, it can impact every facet of their daily life.

Auto accident claims life of West Virginia firefighter

While most drivers in West Virginia operate their vehicles safely and without incident and the odds of being in an auto accident are low, there is always a chance that circumstances will mesh and lead to a crash. In some of these accidents, there are no injuries and minimal damage. In others, people are injured, but not severely. In some, however, there is a fatal accident. When this happens, it does not discriminate and can happen to anyone. Those who have lost a loved one in an auto accident will have a lot to consider after it has happened. That includes making sure they are cognizant of the future.

Drivers should watch for upcoming road construction

People who live in the Charleston area have probably had to deal with driving on some of West Virginia's roads that are in poor condition. A post on this blog from last year explained that a national transportation research group found that the state's decrepit roads were a major cause of making West Virginia second in the country in fatal accidents. According to the State Transportation Secretary, the state is continuing to try to do something about the dangerously dilapidated roads throughout West Virginia.

Texting and driving, some people don't get the message

Previous posts on this blog have discussed the dangers of texting and driving or using any other smart phone applications while driving. Moreover, many states, including West Virginia, have strict laws that prohibit cellular phone use while driving unless the driver is using their phone through hands-free equipment. Despite the dangers, and the laws against it, some people still continue to use their cell phones while driving instead of devoting their full attention to the road.

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