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Car accidents can be very chaotic and traumatic

Any West Virginian who has ever been involved in a motor vehicle accident knows that it can be a very nerve-wracking experience. Immediately after the accident, the scene can be chaotic and stressful. Emergency medical services and other emergency responders will tend to anyone who suffered injuries. Meanwhile, law enforcement officers will try to minimize the accident's effect on other traffic, while also looking out for the safety of the people involved in the accident.

Who suffers from spinal cord injuries?

People in West Virginia who have been affected by a spinal cord injury know that it can involve life-changing circumstances. Whether a person is a victim of such an injury or is a friend or relative of someone who has suffered a spinal cord injury, it can be a very difficult situation to understand.

Small step for man, giant leap for spinal cord injury victims

West Virginians may have read the recent news headlines that captured the story of a man who suffered a terrible spinal cord injury in 2007. Following the injury, the man was a paraplegic and his doctors gave him no chance of walking. Thanks to a medical breakthrough, however, the man has now defied those prognostications and has been able to take his first steps since his injury.

What are the real costs of car accidents?

Anyone in West Virginia who drives a car, SUV or other vehicle knows they have some risk of getting into an accident. Of course, people can reduce those risks by always putting safety first and adhering to all traffic laws. On the other hand, even the safest of drivers may still end up in an accident caused by a negligent driver.

Spinal cord injuries are extremely costly

Each year, the medical community in West Virginia, and in every other part of the country, makes advancements in all kinds of different areas of medicine that ultimately help people with their health. From finding new treatments for diseases, to deploying better software for keeping personal medical records, almost everyone in the medical field strives to find ways to make life better for other people.

Car accidents take huge economic toll on W. Virginians

Most people understand that motor vehicles are an important means of transportation but that they come with some risks. However, many West Virginians are probably not aware of the enormous economic costs of motor vehicle accidents.

What causes spinal cord injuries?

Many people across the country are eagerly anticipating the upcoming football season. Both high school and college football are traditions in West Virginia. For many fans, football involves more than just the game on the field. Mascots, marching bands and cheerleaders are also an entertaining component of most high school and college football games.

Negligent drivers are dangerous, even at unexpected locations

Fast food restaurant chains are a staple of almost every city across the country. While their food is not always the healthiest choice, millions of Americans enjoy these restaurants for their inexpensive food and reliably quick service. The "drive-thru" line, for example, allows customers to get their food within minutes and without even getting out of their vehicle.

Olympic champion takes on spinal cord injury

People in West Virginia who have suffered a spinal cord injury know that it can be a devastating experience that changes the victim's life. Whether it stems from a vehicular crash, a workplace injury, or any other kind of accident, a spinal cord injury can cause permanent disability.

Two suffer spinal cord injuries in harrowing performance

Most workers in West Virginia understand the possibilities of a workplace accident. The state's vast number of coal mines are, by themselves, the backdrop for far too many injuries in the workplace.

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