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West Virginia lawyers handle all kinds of accident cases

Car accidents can result in life-changing consequences. This is, of course, true for accidents that result in fatalities, but even accidents where everyone involved survives can still have long-term effects. People in West Virginia who have been in an accident, or know someone who has been in an accident, may have their own examples of how a car accident affected their life and the lives of the people around them.

What is the statute of limitations for wrongful death?

When a person in West Virginia dies in a fatal accident, legal action is not typically the first thing that family members think about. Instead, they are typically preoccupied with trying to say goodbye to their loved one and dealing with the emotional pain that goes along with death. Furthermore, in some cases, the deceased person's family may not even know that a legal cause of action is available in their case.

How can surviving family prove medical malpractice?

People in Charleston who have had a close family member pass away know how difficult it can be to deal with this kind of loss.The situation can be even worse if the death was due to some kind of sudden and unexpected event like a motor vehicle accident. Another source of far too many fatal accidents is medical malpractice.

How do I handle insurance after a car accident?

Motor vehicle accidents are common throughout West Virginia. However, most people are not involved in multiple accidents over a short period of time. For example, some people may be involved in more than one accident during their lifetime but, even then, the accidents are likely spread out over months, years or even decades of the person's life. This means that few drivers are experienced in exactly what they need to do after an accident.

Kanawha County woman sues for wrongful death

When a person moves their loved one to a nursing home, they trust that the staff at the home will properly care for the person. Many people think of nursing homes as places where older people go to live out their last few years. But, these facilities can also be a temporary or more permanent home for people who need ongoing medical care and supervision.

What kind of damages are available in a wrongful death case?

Fatal accidents can arise from a variety of different circumstances. Motor vehicle accidents, for example, are one common cause of accidental deaths. Likewise, workplace accidents and medical errors can also lead to fatal accidents. When a victim loses their life in one of these accidents, their family members may want to pursue legal action. This usually means filing a wrongful death lawsuit. The next logical question is what kinds of damages are available in a wrongful death lawsuit?

Despite risks of car accidents, people still text and drive

Certain kinds of risks are an unavoidable part of everyday life. Most of these risks, like relying on the cleanliness and safety of food at a restaurant or grocery store, are acceptable because they come with only minimal consequences. By contrast, some risks in life come with severe consequences, but also can be easily avoided.

Fatal workplace accidents up slightly in West Virginia

Some people are more prone to accidents than others, but almost everyone experiences some kind of accident from time to time. Whether an accident occurs at home, on the roadways or at work, most accidents do not end with fatalities. Occasionally, however, an accident does result in death, and many times those fatal accidents are preventable.

What are the real costs of car accidents?

Anyone in West Virginia who drives a car, SUV or other vehicle knows they have some risk of getting into an accident. Of course, people can reduce those risks by always putting safety first and adhering to all traffic laws. On the other hand, even the safest of drivers may still end up in an accident caused by a negligent driver.

Car accidents take huge economic toll on W. Virginians

Most people understand that motor vehicles are an important means of transportation but that they come with some risks. However, many West Virginians are probably not aware of the enormous economic costs of motor vehicle accidents.

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