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West Virginia lawyers handle all kinds of accident cases

Car accidents can result in life-changing consequences. This is, of course, true for accidents that result in fatalities, but even accidents where everyone involved survives can still have long-term effects. People in West Virginia who have been in an accident, or know someone who has been in an accident, may have their own examples of how a car accident affected their life and the lives of the people around them.

Hope for spinal cord injuries can come with great costs

Too many people in the Charleston area know what it's like to be the victim of a serious accident. Whether the person is involved in a workplace accident, motor vehicle accident, or one that occurs from a dangerous property condition, accidents can cause a wide variety of injuries. Few injuries, regardless of their cause, create as much fear and uncertainty for victims and their families as spinal cord injuries.

West Virginia's roads rank poorly in safety

At one time or another, most people in West Virginia have probably driven or ridden on roads that desperately needs repair. Road conditions like small potholes or loose gravel can be inconvenient, but generally do not pose major safety threats. On the other hand, more severe road problems can lead to danger and serious accidents.

How do I handle insurance after a car accident?

Motor vehicle accidents are common throughout West Virginia. However, most people are not involved in multiple accidents over a short period of time. For example, some people may be involved in more than one accident during their lifetime but, even then, the accidents are likely spread out over months, years or even decades of the person's life. This means that few drivers are experienced in exactly what they need to do after an accident.

Car accidents can be very chaotic and traumatic

Any West Virginian who has ever been involved in a motor vehicle accident knows that it can be a very nerve-wracking experience. Immediately after the accident, the scene can be chaotic and stressful. Emergency medical services and other emergency responders will tend to anyone who suffered injuries. Meanwhile, law enforcement officers will try to minimize the accident's effect on other traffic, while also looking out for the safety of the people involved in the accident.

Assessing legal options after a slip-and-fall accident

Each year, many people in the Charleston area suffer injuries from slipping and falling. Whether the person just loses their footing or falls due to some kind of slippery substance or uneven flooring, serious injury can result from slip-and-fall accidents. When a slip-and-fall on someone else's property causes an injury that requires medical care, the victim may be unsure if they can pursue legal action against the property owner.

What kind of damages are available in a wrongful death case?

Fatal accidents can arise from a variety of different circumstances. Motor vehicle accidents, for example, are one common cause of accidental deaths. Likewise, workplace accidents and medical errors can also lead to fatal accidents. When a victim loses their life in one of these accidents, their family members may want to pursue legal action. This usually means filing a wrongful death lawsuit. The next logical question is what kinds of damages are available in a wrongful death lawsuit?

Drunk drivers are still a risk to others on the road

Texting and driving has been a very popular topic in the media during the past year or so. Reports of fatal accidents involving texting and driving are common in the news. Likewise, in states like West Virginia, lawmakers have touted the legislation that they have passed in an effort to curb this dangerous, yet still common, practice.

Landowners should always address hazardous conditions

Halloween has come and gone, but kids throughout the Charleston area are likely still enjoying the sweet spoils of their trick-or-treating efforts. Halloween is one occasion when people open up their homes -- or at least their front door -- to strangers. Likewise, many local businesses get in on the fun and use popular events like Halloween to get customers in the door.

Small step for man, giant leap for spinal cord injury victims

West Virginians may have read the recent news headlines that captured the story of a man who suffered a terrible spinal cord injury in 2007. Following the injury, the man was a paraplegic and his doctors gave him no chance of walking. Thanks to a medical breakthrough, however, the man has now defied those prognostications and has been able to take his first steps since his injury.

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