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W. Va. balances importance of coal trucks against safety

To say that coal mining is an important industry to the state of West Virginia would be making a vast understatement. Since the state's inception, coal mining has been the backbone of West Virginia. Even today, coal mining is an essential economic engine for the state and its residents. The abundance of coal mining in West Virginia spurs the need to transport that coal throughout the state and to other parts of the country.

Truck accident wreaks havoc on Charleston drivers

When a semi-truck accident occurs, most people probably worry about the injuries and damages that are caused by the impact between the truck and any other vehicles. In many accidents, the impact itself causes injuries and death. This is especially true when a large truck is involved in an accident with a smaller vehicle like a car or SUV. But, truck accidents can cause injuries to other drivers even after the initial impact occurs.

No safety feature can prevent a fatal truck accident

Anyone in West Virginia who has bought a new car recently has probably noticed the immense amount of safety features that many of these newer vehicles have. Auto makers pour substantial resources into making their vehicles safer and safer, which can ultimately be a good marketing tool in a competitive industry. But, even the latest and greatest technology and safety innovations cannot adequately protect drivers and passengers from a collision with a semi-truck.

Charleston has fair share of trucks, and accidents

Charleston, West Virginia offers its residents and visitors many of the opportunities and amenities that are common in many other state capitals throughout the country. At the same time, Charleston is an industrial center that produces energy and timber, among many other important products. Accordingly, coal trucks, 18-wheeler logging trucks and a wide variety of heavy equipment are common on Charleston's local and interstate roadways.

Man files suit following truck accident

Anytime that a truck is involved in an accident with a car or SUV, the people in that smaller vehicle are likely to suffer serious injuries and damage to their vehicle. This is especially true if the accident is a head-on collision. However, any type of collision with such a large, heavy, vehicle is bound to cause substantial damages.

Logging truck narrowly misses crash with fuel tanker

In West Virginia most drivers are probably accustomed to sharing the roads with big trucks hauling massive loads of materials. For example, logging trucks and coal trucks are common throughout the state. While these trucks serve an important function, they can also cause tremendous accidents involving serious injuries and extensive property damage.

Two people injured in truck accident at West Virginia state line

Big rigs and other smaller trucks carrying loads of equipment and goods are commonplace on West Virginia's roadways. Many people try to avoid driving near these trucks because they fear the prospects of being involved in an accident with such a massive vehicle.

Semi truck accident leaves one man dead

Large trucks carrying massive loads of goods, and sometimes even fuel or chemicals, roll through the country's vast network of interstate highways at all times of the year. Even at times when most other people are not working, like Christmas Eve, truckers are still on the road trying to get their cargo from one place to another.

Truck accident leaves two women with serious injuries

Any time an accident involves a truck and a smaller vehicle, the smaller vehicle is more likely to take the brunt of the damage from the accident. This is for the simple reason that trucks are much bigger and heavier than other vehicles like cars or SUVs. Because trucks can be so dangerous, drivers of large trucks like 18-wheelers must have appropriate training and get a specialized driver's license.

Semi truck accident leaves teenager dead

Large trucks are a common sight on the highways that surround the Charleston area and run throughout West Virginia and beyond the state's borders. Big rig trucks are an essential means of transporting goods all across the country. Unfortunately, however, accidents involving these trucks often result in severe injuries or even death. This is especially true where the accident includes a semi truck and a smaller vehicle like a car or SUV.

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