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Representing victims of coal truck, logging truck accidents

The Charleston area and the rest of West Virginia have lot of coal trucks on the local roads and the major interchanges. This is not surprising since West Virginia is well-known for having lots of coal mines, and the coal industry is an important part of the West Virginia economy.

Fatigued truck driving causes many truck accidents

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the federal authority in charge of regulating truckers and other commercial drivers, around 13 percent of commercial drivers who are involved in a crash could be considered fatigued, or driving without adequate sleep, at the time of the accident.

It takes some work to hold truck companies accountable

After a major trucking accident, an injured resident of West Virginia may need to look at a variety of different sources in order to obtain adequate compensation for their injuries. The reason for this is that because of the size difference between trucks and cars, the motorist in a standard automobile is often seriously injured following accidents with coal trucks, logging trucks and the like.

Inattentive truck drivers probably won't be able to stop in time

Drivers in West Virginia probably know intuitively that a large truck will require more stopping distance than a car. However, exactly how much more distance it takes for a truck to stop for an emergency, as opposed to a car, may come as a bit of a surprise.

What causes a truck to jackknife?

It is more than just a scary incident when a large truck jackknifes on one of West Virginia's roads. After all, when the trailer of a truck sweeps out and around the cab portion of the vehicle, it almost without a doubt is going to hit any car that was traveling around the truck at the time of the accident, causing a serious or even fatal accident.

Distracted truck driving against federal trucking regulations

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), which regulates truckers in West Virginia and nationwide, recognizes that a truck driver who takes his or her eyes off the road even for a few seconds constitutes a major hazard to other motorists. Specifically, the FMCSA's research suggested that a trucker who takes his or her eyes of the road ahead for the four or five seconds to check a text or make a quick call on their cell phone will travel the length of a football field effectively blind, since they do not have their eyes on the road.

Truck drivers must record their hours and abide by regulations

Truck drivers transport goods across the entire country, which involves long hours on the roadways. As a result, truck driver fatigue and inattentiveness can be serious concerns and hazards on the roadway. To help keep the driving public safe, United States Department of Transportation trucking regulations limit the number of hours truck drivers can be behind the wheel without a break.

Assisting you with your truck accident claim

Commercial trucks are some of the deadliest vehicles on the roadways of West Virginia. Many people who are involved in truck accidents don't make it home alive, leaving their families devastated emotionally and financially. For those who do survive, there is a high likelihood of severe, long-term injuries and costly medical procedures. Many truck accident victims are unable to work during their recovery, making it difficult for their families to put food on the table.

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