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Wrongful Death Archives

What is wrongful death?

Wrongful death law is the area of the law that protects family members of victims wrongfully killed in an accident. Wrongful death injuries are the worst type of harm that can be suffered by victims in a car accident or other type of accident. Surviving family members may be left with unexpected financial challenges as they struggle to deal with the emotional challenges they face following the unexpected loss of a loved one.

West Virginia drum truck accident kills and injures

Families and victims impacted by a truck accident are legally protected. A woman was recently killed and another woman was seriously injured in a truck accident with a dump truck in West Virginia. A 36-year old woman was pronounced dead at the scene of the truck accident and the 35-year old passenger in the vehicle was air-lifted to a local hospital. The second victim was listed in critical condition following the accident. A dog traveling in the vehicle was also injured and was given oxygen and taken to a veterinary hospital for treatment.

West Virginia truck accident kills 1

This blog recently discussed wrongful death actions and how they serve as a resource for surviving family members of victims wrongfully killed by negligent drivers. A recent fatal truck accident in a West Virginia community northeast of the Kanawha area claimed the life of a 37-year old man. The victim was pronounced dead at a nearby medical facility where he had been flown following the collision between his vehicle and a box truck.

What is a wrongful death action?

If you have had a loved one killed in a wrongful death accident, you may have heard of a wrongful death legal claim for damages but may not have understood exactly what is was or how it could help. In general, a wrongful death claim is a claim brought on behalf of the surviving family members of a loved one wrongfully killed because of someone else's negligence. Wrongful death clams are based on state statutes so it is important to know the laws in your state.

Christina Grimmie's family files amended wrongful death suit

The death of up and coming pop star Christina Grimmie left her friends and family devastated. Her family has filed an amended complaint in a wrongful death lawsuit after a judge dismissed their original lawsuit and gave them 21 days to amend it.

Wrongful death lawsuit reinstated after dog bite death

Dogs may be "man's best friend," but because of negligent owners many of them end up injuring or killing innocent people. A wrongful death lawsuit against a dog warden in West Virginia was recently reinstated by the state Supreme Court of Appeals. The court found that the judge on the case wrongfully dismissed the lawsuit in 2016.

Wrongful death lawsuit filed in Kanawha County

Nursing homes and health care facilities are required to provide adequate long-term care to their residents. When facilities or their employees act negligently, the residents may experience new illnesses or a worsening of their original medical conditions. Negligence may include a failure to treat medical conditions, physical and mental abuse and neglect.

Nursing home fatality leads to wrongful death lawsuit

Many West Virginia families entrust a nursing home with their loved one's care. When nursing home professionals fail to properly care for their residents, though, harm and death can result. When an elderly loved one is lost to nursing home neglect, a surviving family has the right to bring a wrongful death suit against the nursing home. Eastbrook Center, a Charleston health center, is being sued under this legal theory, as well as reckless misconduct, after the death of a resident.

What damages are available from a wrongful death claim?

Death can be untimely and unexpected. The loss of a loved one may not be due to old age or disease but rather because of the negligence of another person. A fatal accident can never be predicted, and individuals are likely to suffer tremendously from the accidental death of a family member.

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