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Representing victims of coal truck, logging truck accidents

The Charleston area and the rest of West Virginia have lot of coal trucks on the local roads and the major interchanges. This is not surprising since West Virginia is well-known for having lots of coal mines, and the coal industry is an important part of the West Virginia economy.

Likewise, with its many forests, West Virginia is a great source for lumber. With the harvesting of trees, however, comes a sustained presence of large logging trucks hauling cut trees to various places where they can be further processed into lumber.

While important to West Virginia's economy, both types of trucks are potentially dangerous to other motorists that must share the road with them. As with any large trucks, the driver can be distracted, fatigued or even drunk or drugged. In some cases they may not follow the traffic laws or, like any other driver, just have a moment of carelessness.

Logging companies and coal companies will fight hard to protect their driver and the company's own interests following an accident involving a truck affiliated with them. They do so for a number of reasons, but it is never right for a company to deny responsibility when they really should be making every effort to make an accident victim financially whole.

As part of its business representing victims of truck accidents, our law office has had the opportunity to deal with many logging truck and coal truck accidents and pursue such cases to a successful result for our clients. We are aware of the unique issues that these sorts of accidents may raise, and our clients can count on employing our knowledge and experience when it comes to trying to negotiate the best settlement possible.

If no settlement is possible given the circumstances, we will also be fully prepared to seek compensation at a trial.

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