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We offer options for crime victims

A previous post on this blog discussed how West Virginians can reasonably expect that if they go on the property of a Charleston business, they will not get attacked or otherwise be the victim of a crime. While property owners in this state cannot be expected to stop all crime on their land, they have an obligation to take security steps when there is a reason to believe that doing so is necessary.

However, it is not always easy for a victim to win a case against the landowner of the property where they were attacked. The reason is that, as mentioned, not all landowners have an obligation to take security measures, as that depends heavily on specific facts and circumstances. Moreover, there is also a certain sympathy people might have for a landowner in such cases since they, after all, did not actually commit the crime.

Still, the victim of a crime will likely need someone to take responsibility for the victim's injuries and pay accordingly. Even if the police manage to catch the perpetrator of an attack, the person may not have any money to repay the victim. In addition to medical treatment for physical injuries, the victim will likely have suffered emotional harm and may require time off work to recover from the attack.

Our law office recognizes that it is only just that landowners may in the right circumstances be sued for not maintaining adequate security over their property. We will work hard to help our clients who were victims of sometimes terrible crimes get the monetary compensation they both need and deserve after their ordeals. While this cannot undo the crime, it can go a long way in helping a person move on.

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