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The most common causes of deadly distracted driving

While there has been a large amount of attention paid to texting and driving and cell phone use while driving, there are in fact a number of circumstances that lead to fatal accidents which fall under the broad umbrella of being caused by "distracted driving". While it may be hard to believe, cell phone usage is only the second leading cause of deadly distracted driving accidents, being blamed for 14 percent of them. While this is not to say that campaigns against texting and driving are therefore unimportant, it may lead one to wonder what other things or circumstances cause people to take their minds and even eyes off of the road.

The number one cause of fatal distracted driving accidents is simply not paying attention, drifting off, daydreaming and the like. In fact, daydreaming was blamed for 61 percent of fatal accidents, more than four times the number of deadly accidents attributed to cell phones.

Many people daydream behind the wheel without even realizing that they are doing so, and some even let their minds go when driving simply because it is an opportunity to sit down and process the events of the day. While this is a dangerous thing to do, it is also very common, and unlike cell phone usage, hard to detect and stop.

Other causes of serious distracted driving accidents include people talking to other passengers in the car or paying attention to something other than the road in front of them, such as when people are waving to a bystander or even rubbernecking an accident. Other distractions include reaching for something in the car, adjusting controls or even eating or smoking behind the wheel.

No matter the cause, distracted driving is almost always preventable. Victims of distracted drivers in West Virginia may have the option of pursuing compensation from those responsible for their injuries.

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