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March 2018 Archives

Not treating a spine injury correctly can cause paralysis

One cause of a spinal cord injury that some may people may overlook is a situation in which a medical professional does not treat a back or neck injury properly. In these sorts of cases, what might start as a broken back or neck that is treatable can turn in to a case of permanent paralysis due to a spinal cord injury. The latter condition can spell a lifetime of medical care and rehabilitation for a victim and his or her family.

Even without paralysis, a spine injury is a serious affair

Although most spinal cord injuries end in paralysis, a handful of victims will be able to literally walk away from a spinal cord injury, especially if the injury affected the lowest portion of the spine. In a sense, these people are lucky to be able to walk at all. However, the fact that a West Virginia resident is not paralyzed does not mean that the injury is not serious. Even the luckiest of victims will still have to deal with ongoing symptoms of their injury, which can cause a lot of disruption in their lives.

Woman involved in pedestrian accident charged

To follow up on a previous post, the driver of a vehicle who caused a fatal accident that left a West Virginia University student dead has now been charged with the crime of negligent homicide. The driver is a 20-year-old from out-of-state, and she was reported as in-custody and awaiting her initial hearing.

Holding doctors accountable after tragic patient deaths

While it is always sad when a patient in the Charleston, West Virginia, area winds up dying despite being under a doctor's care, it is especially difficult when a family learns that the patient's death could have been prevented had the doctor been more careful or, to put it another way, followed the appropriate standard of medical care.

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