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The types of medical care spinal cord patients receive

After suffering serious spinal cord injuries, a West Virginia resident will without a doubt need intense and ongoing medical care. A review of exactly what is involved in this medical care may help others in Kanawha County understand the immense cost in terms of time and money that spinal cord injuries cause.

Initially, the goal of treatment is, quite simply, to keep the patient alive. There is a real possibility that a patient with a serious injury will experience trouble breathing or may go in to a state of shock. Other immediate risks that doctors must address include blood clotting and preventing more extensive injuries. Oftentimes, surgery and other complicated treatments that may prove painful will be necessary

Once the most immediate effects of the injury have passed, a patient will still need ongoing care and treatment, especially if he or she is dealing with complete paralysis. Further hospitalization may be needed for a while, and once that ends, a patient will generally go to rehabilitation therapy.

In addition to doctors, a patient will likely need the help of psychologists, social workers and different types of therapists who will administer physical and occupational therapy. Again, all of these treatments will no doubt take time and effort and will cost money, and, in many cases, they are painful and difficult.

Recovering from a spinal cord injury is no walk in the park. Moreover, the end result is not that a person will walk unaided again or fully recover, as medicine has yet to identify how to reverse or fully heal damage to the spinal cord. One comforting thought, though, is that a victim may be able to get financial compensation from those at fault for his or her injuries.

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