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What causes a truck to jackknife?

It is more than just a scary incident when a large truck jackknifes on one of West Virginia's roads. After all, when the trailer of a truck sweeps out and around the cab portion of the vehicle, it almost without a doubt is going to hit any car that was traveling around the truck at the time of the accident, causing a serious or even fatal accident.

Basically, jackknifing is the end result when a truck skids, that is, when some of its wheels lose traction with the road and start to slide over the surface of the road rather than grip and roll along the pavement.

While a jackknife can happen to even the most experienced truckers, these sorts of accidents are preventable. Drivers need to watch out for hard or rapid braking, particularly when the road conditions are less slippery, wet or otherwise less than ideal.

Drivers can make sure they do not get in to a situation where they have to slam on the brakes by watching what is going on ahead of them carefully. Also, when they are braking, they can check to make sure their trailer is not starting to swing out of line with the cab; if it is, they may be able to ease up.on the brakes and prevent a jackknife.

Finally, drivers should also make sure that their trailers are properly loaded, particularly when the trailer they are hauling is not full. Light loads can contribute to truck jackknifing, so if one is hauling less than a full trailer, it is important to make sure the load is properly secured and correctly distributed.

Truck drivers can keep their rigs from jackknifing with a few simple steps. Therefore, when a truck does jackknife and leaves another motorist injured as a result, the injured motorist should explore their legal options for getting compensation from the truck driver and his or her employer.

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