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We work to hold those who cause spinal cord injuries accountable

A previous post on this blog talked about the different common causes of spinal cord injuries which often leave their West Virginia victims paralyzed and permanently disabled. The post also talked about how many of these common causes, like car crashes, falls and violence, are preventable.

After a spine injury, a Charleston resident will likely need financial assistance. They will need to cover the enormous cost of medical care and ongoing, permanent rehabilitative therapy. Moreover, they will need to find some way to cover their lost income, as eventually leave time at their work will run out, and they no longer will have a source of support. Finally, these victims deserve some compensation for their pain and suffering.

It is only fair that those responsible for causing a victim's spinal cord injury should pay for these expenses. Unfortunately, many people who are responsible, and their insurance companies, sometimes do not see it quite the same way. They may for a number of motives underestimate how much they owe the victim or, in some cases, even deny responsibility.

Our law office is dedicated to helping victims of spinal cord injuries get all of the compensation that they both need and deserve. Not only do we take insurers and responsible parties to task when they try to deflect or avoid responsibility, we also help our clients identify all avenues of financial recovery, as sometimes there is more than one person or business legally responsible for our client's injuries.

For instance, we can help railroad employees pursue a FELA claim under federal law, and we can help injured victims from a wide variety of backgrounds determine whether they may have a product liability case.

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