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The most common causes of spinal cord injuries

As this blog has discussed, no Kanawha, West Virginia, resident wants to experience or see a loved one experience a spinal cord injury. Such injuries often leave a person completely or almost completely paralyzed and unable to perform even some basic life functions, much less go back to work in their chosen profession. Even "minor" spinal cord injuries will still mean massive medical bills and a lifetime of recovery.

One of the saddest things about spinal cord injuries is that, when one looks at the common causes of them, it is easy to see how so many of them are preventable. For instance, motor vehicle accidents account for about 50 percent of all spinal cord injuries annually. In many cases, the victim may have been driving carefully but struck by a negligent or reckless driver.

Falling down can also cause a spine injury and symptoms like paralysis. This type of spinal cord injury particularly affects the elderly, but a fall can happen to anyone, especially if a property owner has not taken care of its premises or if an employer or other business has not taken the steps necessary to ensure that workers are safe from falls. Overall, falls account for about 15 percent of these types of injuries.

Finally, injuries related to sports and other fun activities, such as diving or gymnastics, account for about one in 10 spinal cord injuries. While these aren't the most common cause of spine injuries, they make the news a lot, especially when a young adult or teen is the victim of the accident. There are other causes of spinal cord injuries as well, including acts of violence, alcohol use and diseases.

Whatever the precise cause, a West Virginia victim of a spinal cord injury may have legal options to pursue compensation from the person whose negligence caused the injury. This compensation will no doubt be vital in covering the large medical bills and rehabilitation costs associated with spinal cord injuries, as well as the almost inevitable loss of income a victim will suffer due to being out of work.

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