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We can help victims pursue recovery for spinal cord injury costs

A previous post on this blog discussed how even the most minor type of spinal cord injury, which is still in reality still a devastating and lifelong thing a West Virginia victim will have to deal with, can cost $350,000 to treat, and that is during the first year after the injury. This same person will likely spend $42,000 each subsequent year on the originally and will, over his or her life, spend over a $1 million on recovery.

These numbers go up markedly if a person's injury is more extensive, as is the case of a person who winds up paralyzed above the waist. While many of these costs might get picked up by insurance, many of them do not, which means a victim of a spinal cord injury in West Virginia is left not only with a debilitating medical condition but also with a pile of debt.

This is certainly not fair by any stretch of the imagination, particularly if the victim did not cause his or her own injuries but was instead hurt by a negligent driver or an account of a dangerous condition on a person's property, which could include the location where a person was working.

In such circumstances, victims have the right to pursue compensation from those who actually caused the injury. Our law office can assist the victim in this process.

After all, although accidents which leave a person with a spinal cord injury are costly, many times, those who are responsible or their insurance companies are not going to want to pay what a person needs to fully recover from his or her injury, and may in some cases make offers that would, in the long-term, leave a person short of funding. In doing so, they may claim the victim shares some of the responsibility for the accident.

Our office is dedicated to fighting hard for our clients as they pursue the compensation they need. In addition to standing up to those who might try to shortchange our clients, we also investigate the accident thoroughly to see if compensation might be available through other avenues, as there are oftentimes many people at fault for a spinal cord injury.

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