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Paralysis is the end result of most spinal cord injuries

Although a very few West Virginians who suffer from spinal cord injuries amazingly escape any long-term symptoms, a majority of victims will have to deal with some sort of paralysis which, despite many technological advances, is still a permanent condition.

According to statistics, almost half of all spinal cord injury victims, over 45 percent, will have some sort of tetraplegia, which is also called quadriplegia. This means that the victim will not be able to move his or her body at all below the waist, and will also have paralysis to some extent above the waist as well.

An additional 13 percent of victims suffer complete paralysis from the neck down, assuming that they are able to survive their accident at all. Approximately 40 percent of victims experience some sort of paralysis from the waist down.

Car accidents are the major cause of spinal cord injuries, contributing to almost over 38 percent of all injuries. Falling is also a leading cause of these sorts of injuries, being the contributing factor in over 30 percent of them.

While some car accidents and falls which cause spinal cord injuries are just part of life, in many cases, they are the result of the negligence of another person. For instance, many victims of spinal cord injuries were injured by negligent motorists, and those who suffered injuries because of a fall may have fallen because of a dangerous property condition.

A person who is paralyzed because of another person's negligence deserves to have justice and likely needs financial help to cover medical expenses and other items like lost income. Thankfully, the law gives a victim of a spinal cord accident the option to pursue compensation through a personal injury lawsuit.

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