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June 2017 Archives

Assisting you with your truck accident claim

Commercial trucks are some of the deadliest vehicles on the roadways of West Virginia. Many people who are involved in truck accidents don't make it home alive, leaving their families devastated emotionally and financially. For those who do survive, there is a high likelihood of severe, long-term injuries and costly medical procedures. Many truck accident victims are unable to work during their recovery, making it difficult for their families to put food on the table.

Christina Grimmie's family files amended wrongful death suit

The death of up and coming pop star Christina Grimmie left her friends and family devastated. Her family has filed an amended complaint in a wrongful death lawsuit after a judge dismissed their original lawsuit and gave them 21 days to amend it.

New study focuses on why calls while driving can be dangerous

According to the U.S. National Highway Safety Administration, 391,000 people were injured and nearly 3,500 people were killed in road accidents involving distracted drivers in 2015. We often hear that we should not use our cell phones while driving unless we have a handsfree system that allows us to focus on the road and talk at the same time. However, a new study reveals that even having a simple conversation on the phone or in person can take your attention away from driving and cause car accidents.

Teen drivers more dangerous during "100 Deadliest Days"

It is common knowledge that teen drivers are not always responsible behind the wheel. However, a new study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety concluded that the number of fatal crashes involving teen drivers is particularly high during the "100 Deadliest Days," which refers to the days between Memorial Day and Labor Day and is typically a dangerous time to be on the road for all motorists.

New study shows promising results for spinal cord injury victims

Suffering from a spinal cord injury can cause your life to turn upside down. In many cases, car accident victims with spinal cord injuries may be unable to care for themselves and require around-the-clock care from medical professionals or family members. The hospital stays, countless surgeries, physical therapy, rehabilitation and long-term medical care services can be extremely costly and time-consuming for everyone involved. Because of these challenges, researchers are determined to find new ways to treat these injuries and improve the quality of life for patients and their families.

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