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Truck accidents in West Virginia occur for numerous reasons

Motor vehicle accidents are responsible for thousands of injuries and deaths all across America. The rate of injuries and deaths increases if a truck is involved. Commercial trucks are large in size and difficult to maneuver for even the most well-trained truck driver. However, many truck accidents are caused by negligent drivers and could have been avoided if the driver had taken extra precautions.

Due to the unique nature of commercial trucks, drivers must be aware of their characteristics and act accordingly. First, many West Virginia accidents are caused by truck drivers who are inadequately trained to handle these vehicles. Drivers who do not learn about truck driving techniques and other truck safety issues are more likely to cause an accident and be held liable for injuries caused. Truck companies who fail to train their drivers properly may be held liable for accidents caused by their drivers. Failure to perform maintenance on the truck also causes a number of accidents. Truck drivers and employers are responsible for making sure their trucks adhere to federal safety regulations.

In addition to unqualified drivers, another common cause of truck accidents is driver fatigue. Truck drivers are supposed to adhere to federal trucking regulations, including regulations that limit the number of consecutive hours drivers are allowed to drive. However, many drivers are under pressure to meet the unrealistic deadlines of their employers and decide to drive without breaks to keep their bosses happy. Unfortunately, many studies have shown that drowsy driving can be just as dangerous as drunk driving or other forms of distracted driving. Fatigued truck drivers fall asleep behind the wheel and lose control of their vehicles and cause accidents.

Truck accidents have many causes, but accidents caused by negligent drivers and employers are the most preventable. Travelers who have been involved in a truck accident may be able to file a lawsuit against the truck driver and their employer for damages.

Source: FindLaw, "Common Causes of Truck Accidents," accessed on May 8, 2017

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