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Understanding the risk of serious injuries involved with ATVs

As a previous post on this blog highlighted, ATVs can present some risks and dangers. While these small vehicles are often used for both work and play, they can also generate problems when driven on and near roadways. If a motorist is not paying attention, or riders on the ATV have not taken safety precautions while riding, it is possible to suffer serious injuries in the event of an ATV-car accident.

A major concern for ATV riders is head trauma. However, not all ATV riders wear safety helmets. But even when the rider is wearing a helmet, it may not be enough to protect the rider in the event of a rollover collision. This type of crash could result in severe traumatic brain injuries and even trauma to the neck, spinal cord and limbs.

When ATVs are involved in a crash, they are often flipped or rolled. When this happens, drivers and passengers are either thrown from the vehicle or can get stuck underneath it. Either of these events could result in serious injuries. Additionally, accident victims could be pinned by the vehicle, resulting in severe internal injuries.

The injuries resulting from an ATV accident can be costly. Such an incident is likely to require substantial medical care. Thus, if a negligent party is to blame for such an incident, the injured victim should understand their rights and options.

An accident investigation could uncover evidence that could help explain the situation leading up to the accident. If another motorist failed to act safely around the ATV, this could be the legal cause of the accident. Therefore, the victims of the crash could hold that driver accountable through a personal injury claim, also helping them to recover compensation for their damages.

Source: FindLaw, "ATV Injuries and Accidents," accessed Feb. 19, 2017

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