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December 2016 Archives

West Virginia Trucking Association gives driving safety tips

This time of the year can make for difficult driving conditions in and around Charleston. Snow and ice can make the roads slippery, and sometimes these conditions may not even be immediately visible or obvious to drivers. In addition, many people are driving longer distances as they continue their holiday travels or make their way back home.

Can highway car accidents with a pedestrian be a driver's fault?

The highways in and around Charleston are an important means of transporting goods and people throughout the area. While highways serve critical functions in many parts of the country, the higher speed limits on them can also lead to deadly car accidents.

Retailers can't overlook dangerous property conditions

The holiday season is in full swing, and during the coming days, many people in West Virginia will be scrambling to buy holiday gifts for their friends and family. Going to retail stores and shopping malls is undoubtedly a ritual for people all over the country during this time of the year. The only kind of injury that these shopping trips typically result in is in the form of credit card debt or a reduced bank account balance. Occasionally, however, a person can end up with physical injuries while shopping at a store.

Number of deaths from medical malpractice in question

When people go to a hospital, they expect that doctors and other medical staff will take all reasonable steps to help them with their illness or injury. People in the Charleston area who have to undergo surgery, for example, may understand that the procedure involves some risks, but they expect the surgeon to mitigate those risks as much as possible. Likewise, patients likely do not expect that a preventable mistake could cost them their lives.

Legal claims can ease financial pressures of spinal cord injury

Anyone in West Virginia who knows someone with a spinal cord injury can probably appreciate just how much the injury can affect the person's life. Just about everything that a person does, from using his or her arms and legs to breathing and eating, is at least partly controlled by the messages that the spinal cord delivers to the body from the brain. This is why a spinal cord injury can leave an otherwise active and healthy person unable to physically function as he or she did before the injury.

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