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Woman files personal injury lawsuit in West Virginia

Going to a place of business, like a grocery store or strip mall, should not result in a person suffering injuries. Many people go to Charleston-area businesses all the time without even considering the possibility that they would be harmed. However, if a property owner fails to take care of dangerous conditions on the premises, injuries can result.

This type of situation is the basis of a lawsuit that a woman recently filed in U.S. District Court in Charleston. In her lawsuit, the woman alleges that she was at a store owned by Kroger Co. when moving shopping carts hit her and caused her to fall and suffer harm. The woman's lawsuit also alleges that the store's doors were not properly designed or constructed. Her legal filing stated that the doors caused shopping carts and shoppers to intersect without the shoppers being able to see the moving carts.

She claims that the injuries resulted in medical expenses of more than $70,000, in addition to mental pain and other damages. The victim is seeking an undetermined amount of monetary compensation.

This lawsuit shows how an individual can be hurt while visiting a commercial property. Under West Virginia law, property owners, or businesses that occupy that property, have a responsibility to fix dangerous conditions like faulty doors or unsafe flooring. If an owner's lack of repair of such a danger causes a person on the property to suffer injury, the victim can pursue a personal injury case for compensation.

Whether a judge or jury will find the company in this case liable for the woman's alleged injuries is not yet known. It may not even go to trial, as it is possible that, like many premises liability cases, this case could end with a negotiated settlement between the parties. Regardless of how it is resolved, this instance is a reminder that property owners carry a heavy responsibility to keep their premises safe, and they should be held accountable when they fail to do so.

Source: West Virginia Record, "Shopper alleges she was injured by carts at Cross Lanes Kroger," Philip Gonzales, Nov. 1, 2016

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