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Doctor presents promising results of spinal cord injury treatment

For some people, a spinal cord injury can mean a very grim prognosis as far as maintaining any semblance of their pre-injury daily life. Severe spinal cord injury can result in paralysis to most or all of the injured victim's body. Aware of the extreme challenges that a person with a spinal cord injury can face, some doctors have devoted their careers to helping people who suffer from this condition.

One doctor is leading a clinical trial that has yielded very promising results for helping spinal cord injury victims who are trying to overcome some of their paralysis. The clinical trial, which is going on in six different locations throughout the country, involves injecting patients with 10 million stem cells. In August, doctors injected the cells directly into the patients' spinal cord. All of the patients received the injections within 14 to 30 days of suffering their injury.

At the 55th Annual Scientific Meeting of the International Spinal Cord Society in Vienna, Austria, the lead doctor of the clinical trial presented the results from the trial. He said that some of the patients are starting to move their hands again after getting the stem cell injections. The doctor noted that this is the first step of a very long journey, but it could represent a major breakthrough in spinal cord injury treatment. The clinical trial offers hope that someday doctors will be able to help people recover functionality of the parts of their body that were affected by a spinal cord injury.

If recent studies and clinical trials like this continue to progress, people with spinal cord injuries may someday have a variety of treatment options that can help restore their everyday life. But most treatments, including the ones currently available, can be very costly.

People in the Charleston area who have been affected by a spinal cord injury can understand how life-changing this kind of injury can be. When a person suffers a spinal cord injury in an accident that was caused by other parties, those people or companies may have legal responsibility for paying the multitude of expenses that can pile up for victims and their families.

Source: ScienceDaily, "Clinical trial offers hope to restore limb function in man with complete cervical spinal cord injury," Sep. 14, 2016

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