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A spinal cord injury can mean a costly road to recovery

A spinal cord injury occurs when a person suffers trauma to his or her spinal cord or the nerves associated with the cord. West Virginia residents can experience these devastating injuries when they are the victims of vehicle accidents or when they suffer harm as the result of other individuals' negligence. The spinal cord is connected to the body's nervous system and when it is harmed it can cause major problems for the rest of the body's important functions.

For example, certain injuries to the spinal cord may directly affect a person's ability to use his or her limbs. Severe spinal cord injuries can actually destroy a person's control of his arms and legs; when a spinal cord injury results in the paralysis of an individual's arms or legs that individual will need extensive long-term care.

Additionally, damage to the spinal cord may prevent a person's body from independently breathing, swallowing, or performing other life-maintaining functions. Significant medical intervention can be required to keep a person with a serious spinal cord injury alive if he or she is unable to perform necessary bodily functions on his own.

The physical losses from a spinal cord injury can be significant, and the monetary costs associated with recovering from such an injury can be exorbitant. When spinal cord injuries result from the negligence or recklessness of other parties, victims can pursue a claim for damages through personal injury litigation. Statutes of limitation can prevent victims from filing legal claims if they wait too long, and readers of this blog are encouraged to investigate their potential spinal cord and personal injury claims to better understand their rights.

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