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Summer months can be ripe for premises liability problems

Although summer has not yet officially begun, the weather is warming up in the Charleston area, swimming pools are opening and schools are heading into recess for the season. For many people in West Virginia, summer also means backyard barbecues and house parties.

Regardless of whether someone is hosting a gathering at their home to celebrate a student's graduation from school, or just to get friends and family together, the homeowner has some basic responsibilities when it comes to keeping their guests safe. For example, under West Virginia law, if a guest in someone's home were to slip and fall due to slippery flooring, the property owner could be liable for any injuries and expenses resulting from the incident.

Homeowners who are inviting guests should be sure to check the inside and outside of their home for any dangerous property conditions like faulty hand railings or inadequate lighting near stairs. If it isn't feasible for the owner to fix the problem before their guests arrive, they should at least mark off the area and warn their guests about the potential danger.

When a person suffers an injury on someone else's property, they can pursue a premises liability claim to get compensation for expenses related to the injury. This is true whether the accident happened on a commercial property like a shopping mall, or in someone's back yard. An experienced personal injury attorney can discuss the details of a particular case, and advise an injured person on their legal options.

Summer can be a fun time in Charleston but, like any other time of the year, accidents can happen during the summer months. Homeowners who host guests this summer should be sure to take reasonable measures toward keeping their guests safe during parties and other social gatherings.

Source: Findlaw.com, "Premises Liability: Who Is Responsible?" Accessed June 9, 2016

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