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Spinal cord injury victims can face some harsh realities

Now, more than ever before, people who have suffered spinal cord injuries have new hope that innovative medical science and technology can offer solutions to help them live a better life. But the fact remains that for many people, spinal cord injury has meant a complete change in almost all facets of their daily life.

Whether a person suffers this kind of catastrophic injury from a car accident, a workplace accident or any other type of mishap, they have to live with the cruel effects that a spinal cord injury can cause. Depending on the extent of the damage to the spinal cord, an injury to it can result in varying degrees of paralysis and other physical limitations. But, as a prior post on this blog explained, a spinal cord injury can also cause a person to have mental and emotional problems.

No matter the severity of a spinal cord injury, getting proper care and treatment for it will almost certainly come with a hefty price. Medical expenses alone can quickly spiral out of control when a person is dealing with a spinal cord injury. In addition, if the injured person has a job, he or she will likely miss time at work, or may even be unable to work altogether.

At James F. Humphreys & Associates, we help people in West Virginia recover compensation for the expenses related to accidents that result in severe harm, like a spinal cord injury. The website for our Charleston-based law firm has some information on spinal cord injuries, and how we approach these kinds of cases.

Our firm handles lawsuits on behalf of victims who were injured due to someone else's negligence. People who have suffered a spinal cord injury have enough to deal with, they shouldn't also have to worry about whether they will be able to afford medical treatment and rehabilitation for their injury.

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