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Drivers should watch for upcoming road construction

People who live in the Charleston area have probably had to deal with driving on some of West Virginia's roads that are in poor condition. A post on this blog from last year explained that a national transportation research group found that the state's decrepit roads were a major cause of making West Virginia second in the country in fatal accidents. According to the State Transportation Secretary, the state is continuing to try to do something about the dangerously dilapidated roads throughout West Virginia.

Although West Virginia faces difficult budget constraints, Secretary Paul Mattox said that he expected the state to repair as many roads this year as it did last year. Mattox explained that the state would take funds from other projects and apply them toward its road-paving program. At the same time, he noted that lower asphalt prices could also help the state to do work on roads that are badly in need.

Mattox cautioned drivers that during road construction, it is imperative that they drive at appropriate speeds and pay attention to the road. He stated that last year's road work came with a spike in auto accidents.

A distracted driver is always a danger to other people on the roadways. But inattentive driving is especially problematic in construction areas where drivers must be fully aware of any detours or other temporary road signs and traffic signals. Likewise, when road conditions are not good, drivers need to pay special attention so that they can adjust their driving accordingly.

Any time a person fails to exercise reasonable caution while driving, no matter the road conditions, that driver could face liability for the damages related to any car accident that results. West Virginia residents should always focus their attention on the task at hand when they are driving. This is never more important than during road construction season.

Source: West Virginia Metro News, "WV Transportation Secretary Mattox: More road repairs expected this season," Matt Maccaro, May 16, 2016

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