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June 2016 Archives

Auto accidents are a common cause of traumatic brain injury

Most people in Charleston probably understand the seriousness of traumatic brain injury. Human life depends on proper brain function, and when a person suffers a brain injury, it can impact every facet of their daily life.

Are some doctors more likely to commit medical malpractice?

When people in the Charleston area see a doctor, they probably expect that their doctor is in good standing with the medical community and has the proper credentials and licensing to practice medicine in their particular field. But even some doctors who are in good standing may have made serious medical mistakes in the past. So how can a patient figure out if their doctor has made such a mistake, and may be more likely than other doctors to make another in the future?

Spinal cord injury victims can face some harsh realities

Now, more than ever before, people who have suffered spinal cord injuries have new hope that innovative medical science and technology can offer solutions to help them live a better life. But the fact remains that for many people, spinal cord injury has meant a complete change in almost all facets of their daily life.

Summer months can be ripe for premises liability problems

Although summer has not yet officially begun, the weather is warming up in the Charleston area, swimming pools are opening and schools are heading into recess for the season. For many people in West Virginia, summer also means backyard barbecues and house parties.

Auto accident claims life of West Virginia firefighter

While most drivers in West Virginia operate their vehicles safely and without incident and the odds of being in an auto accident are low, there is always a chance that circumstances will mesh and lead to a crash. In some of these accidents, there are no injuries and minimal damage. In others, people are injured, but not severely. In some, however, there is a fatal accident. When this happens, it does not discriminate and can happen to anyone. Those who have lost a loved one in an auto accident will have a lot to consider after it has happened. That includes making sure they are cognizant of the future.

Drivers should watch for upcoming road construction

People who live in the Charleston area have probably had to deal with driving on some of West Virginia's roads that are in poor condition. A post on this blog from last year explained that a national transportation research group found that the state's decrepit roads were a major cause of making West Virginia second in the country in fatal accidents. According to the State Transportation Secretary, the state is continuing to try to do something about the dangerously dilapidated roads throughout West Virginia.

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