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Texting and driving, some people don't get the message

Previous posts on this blog have discussed the dangers of texting and driving or using any other smart phone applications while driving. Moreover, many states, including West Virginia, have strict laws that prohibit cellular phone use while driving unless the driver is using their phone through hands-free equipment. Despite the dangers, and the laws against it, some people still continue to use their cell phones while driving instead of devoting their full attention to the road.

One of the most recent egregious examples of cell phone use while driving involved a girl who was using a social media application to detect the speed that she was driving. She then tried to share a photo of it with her social media followers. At 107 mph, the girl crashed into another vehicle. The driver of that car suffered a traumatic brain injury and can no longer work his job.

Of course, using a cell phone while driving is not the only common cause of car accidents. Negligent drivers cause accidents by speeding, driving while intoxicated and engaging in many other dangerous acts that lead to crashes. At James F. Humphreys & Associates, we have represented car accident victims who have suffered serious injuries due to a variety of negligent acts by other drivers.

Car accidents can cause tremendous damage and injuries. This can add up to steep medical expenses and other financial hardships, including lost wages, if the victim is unable to work for any period of time following the accident. The website for our Charleston-based law firm includes some helpful resources for people who need more information about what to do in the wake of a serious car accident. Likewise, our attorneys are always ready to answer questions about the specific circumstances of a particular case.

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