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May 2016 Archives

A truck company’s liability for an accident

Big rig commercial trucks can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds when fully loaded with cargo, and at highway speeds, smaller passenger vehicles don’t stand a chance of withstanding a collision with a truck. Accordingly, when a truck accident occurs, the damages can be extensive. Injured truck accident victims can face ruinous financial costs as they try to recover and move forward with life. In other cases, victims don’t survive an accident with a commercial truck.

Are fatal accidents in the workplace still a reality?

Accidents are a part of everyday life because nobody is perfect and people make mistakes. However, many accidents could be avoided if people would spend a little more time and effort on safety. This is true in various different aspects of life, including the workplace.

Texting and driving, some people don't get the message

Previous posts on this blog have discussed the dangers of texting and driving or using any other smart phone applications while driving. Moreover, many states, including West Virginia, have strict laws that prohibit cellular phone use while driving unless the driver is using their phone through hands-free equipment. Despite the dangers, and the laws against it, some people still continue to use their cell phones while driving instead of devoting their full attention to the road.

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