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Man alleges serious injury from fall at W. Va. State University

Dangerous property conditions can manifest themselves in a variety of ways. While slippery flooring and inadequate lighting are two of the more common hazards, many other dangers can result in a person suffering an injury while on someone else's property.

Recently, a man filed a lawsuit in Kanawha Circuit Court alleging he suffered severe burns while on the campus of West Virginia State University. The man claims he went to the campus to visit his grandmother, an employee at the school, when he fell into a waist-deep hole. The lawsuit alleges the man was on ground above a steam pipe when the ground gave way, and he fell in the resulting hole.

The man's lawsuit states that when he fell into the hole, he was exposed to scalding heat, which caused him to suffer burns. He claims the incident left him with injuries that have so far required more than $550,000 in medical expenses. His lawsuit alleges causes of action under both premises liability and negligence theories of law, and it names a total of ten defendants. The man has demanded a jury trial, and he is seeking monetary damages.

West Virginia law requires property owners to take reasonable steps to try to avoid accidents like the one that the man in this case is alleging. If the owner is aware of a dangerous condition on the property, they should either remove it or make necessary repairs. If these options are not immediately available, the property owner should at least block off the area and warn people of the potential danger.

Nobody goes to a university campus and expects to fall in a hole and suffer severe burns. Things like this do happen, however, and when they do, a personal injury lawsuit can provide needed compensation for the injured victim.

Source: West Virginia Record, "Man blames scalding injuries on steam-pipe manufacturers," Robert Hadley, March 30, 2016

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