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Electricity can cause a dangerous property condition

For most people in West Virginia, electricity plays an integral role in everyday life. In addition to the obvious importance of electric light, electricity powers people's refrigerators, computers, and now even some cars. Modern society could not function as it does without electricity. But electricity also comes with one major drawback: it can be very dangerous.

If wiring, outlets and other electrical equipment are not properly installed and maintained, the result can be a serious safety hazard. Exposed wiring, for example, can electrocute someone, causing serious injury or even death.

James F. Humphreys and Associates represents people who have been injured by a dangerous property condition such as dangling electrical wires or other electrically charged equipment that is exposed on the property. And in addition to electrical hazards, any property can contain a wide range of other potentially dangerous conditions.

Whether a person suffers an injury at someone else's home, or at a commercial property like a restaurant or retail store, our law firm's attorneys can help victims pursue their legal claims. Our website has some helpful information about personal injury claims and about the firm's rich history of helping injured victims.

Property owners have an obligation to maintain the premises and to take reasonable steps to keep their guests safe from injury. This is just as true with regard to electrical hazards as it is for slippery flooring or insufficient lighting on the property. When a person or company neglects that duty, and someone suffers injury because of it, the injured person has legal rights.

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