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January 2016 Archives

Heavy snow causes difficult driving in Charleston

Winter Storm Jonas pounded Charleston with more snowfall from a single storm than the area has seen since 1996. Predictably, the brutal weather made safe driving virtually impossible. Charleston Police and other public works groups had to clear dozens of passenger vehicles that were stranded throughout the city.

WV shows many violations of federal trucking regulations

Truck drivers and truck companies must adhere to a number of different federal trucking regulations. Although some people in the trucking industry may take issue with many of these regulations, the governmental agencies have promulgated them to try to make trucking safer for everyone on the roadways. But, regardless of whether any particular driver or company agrees with the safety regulations, they must adhere to them.

Who is liable when ice causes a slip-and-fall accident?

With frigid temperatures and a constant threat of snow and ice, winters in West Virginia can be brutal. Most people who have been through at least one winter in the Charleston area know that the weather this time of year can make for treacherous driving conditions. But, in addition to wreaking havoc on drivers, the winter snow and ice can make walking anywhere a challenge.

Adjusting to spinal cord injuries is a long-term endeavor

The spinal cord is essential for every human being because it carries vital signals to and from the brain to all other parts of the body. Accordingly, when a person suffers a spinal cord injury, it can have a devastating impact on their daily life. As this blog noted in a prior post, motor vehicle accidents are a major cause of spinal cord injuries. But, regardless of how a spinal cord injury occurs, the victim and their family members will likely face difficulties coping with and adjusting to the effects of the injury.

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