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December 2015 Archives

How is 2015 shaping up with regard to fatal accidents?

A new year is here, and for many people in the Charleston area, this time of the year is a chance to take a breather from busy everyday life and maybe even take a look back at what happened during the prior year. Like most other years, much happened in 2015, some of it good, and some of it bad. With regard to fatal auto accidents, 2015 will likely not go down as a good year.

Fatal accident in mine culminates in criminal conviction

Anyone in the Charleston area who follows the news has probably heard about Don Blankenship's recent criminal trial. Blankenship is the former chief executive officer of Massey Energy, which has substantial coal operations in West Virginia. Roughly six years ago, a terrible explosion in one of Massey's coal mines caused the deaths of 29 workers.

Motor vehicle accidents leading cause of spinal cord injury

A recent post on this blog explained that car accidents can cause many different types of injuries, including spinal cord injuries. Not only can motor vehicle accidents in West Virginia cause such injuries, but they are one of the leading causes of them.

Watch out for shopping-related injuries this time of year

A couple of weeks ago, many people in Charleston and throughout West Virginia enjoyed their Thanksgiving meal with family and friends. For some people, filling up on turkey and pie is not the end of Thanksgiving, but rather, it is a prelude to the holiday shopping extravaganza that follows.

Fatal truck accident occurs in Kanawha County

During this time of the year, the cold weather in the Charleston area can produce snow, sleet and ice, none of which are good for driving. People who live in the area should be accustomed to inclement driving conditions during the winter months, but that is not always the case. Furthermore, others who do not live in the area may also have difficulties driving when the roadways get slick from the cold and precipitation.

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