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Dangerous property conditions can derail holiday fun

Thanksgiving has arrived, and thus begins another holiday season that will hopefully be filled with shopping, gatherings for family and friends and a little time to escape from work. However, nothing can derail holiday fun like an accident that results in injuries. Unfortunately, each year the holiday cheer abruptly ends for too many people in West Virginia.

Not only are motor vehicle accidents a problem during this time of year, but so too are accidents that happen because of dangerous property conditions. For example, when a person hosts a holiday party at their home, conditions like poor lighting or unstable handrails could cause a guest to slip-and-fall and hurt themselves.

Under West Virginia law, homeowners have an obligation to take certain precautions to help ensure the safety of their guests. If the property owner is having guests in their home, they should remove or repair any property conditions that could lead to injury. If repair or removal is not a feasible option, the owner should warn their guests of the danger and do something to keep people away from that danger.

Homeowners are not the only ones who need to keep their property safe for guests. Commercial property owners and lessees also have an obligation to keep their patrons safe from dangers on the property. Retail store owners, for example, should ensure that the flooring is not slippery and that no hazards, like dangling electrical wires, are present.

At James F. Humphreys and Associates, we have worked on a plethora of personal injury cases arising from dangerous property conditions. Our website contains helpful information about these kinds of incidents and the legal options that injured victims can pursue under West Virginia law.

The holiday season should be a happy time for everyone. However, if a person's holiday is unexpectedly cut short by an injury due to a negligent property owner, our firm can be a good resource of information.

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