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November 2015 Archives

Fatal accidents can lead to loss of companionship damages

When a person dies in a fatal accident, it usually comes as a horrible shock to that person's friends and loved ones. It is the kind of tragic news that nobody ever wants to get. Sadly, every year in West Virginia, some people have to accept that news. Whether from a motor vehicle accident, workplace mishap or medical mistake, fatal accidents do happen.

Dangerous property conditions can derail holiday fun

Thanksgiving has arrived, and thus begins another holiday season that will hopefully be filled with shopping, gatherings for family and friends and a little time to escape from work. However, nothing can derail holiday fun like an accident that results in injuries. Unfortunately, each year the holiday cheer abruptly ends for too many people in West Virginia.

West Virginia State Police disfavor the term 'accident'

As is the case in other parts of the country, auto accidents are an ongoing problem in West Virginia. While accidents are common throughout the state, some areas have an especially high number of accidents, relative to other parts West Virginia. Recently, police have been targeting one of these accident hot spots.

Car accidents can result in spinal cord injuries

A car accident can be a devastating event for a West Virginia resident. Aside from the painful injuries that the individual may suffer and the potential loss of his personal vehicle, a car accident victim may also lose time from work and be unable to perform the responsibilities of his life during the time that it takes for him to heal. While some car accident victims bounce back from their ordeals with relative ease, others require extensive periods of convalescence in order to achieve appreciable improvements in their health.

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