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No tailgate should end with accident and injuries

This is the time of year when many people throughout West Virginia root on their favorite football teams. Even though West Virginia has no professional football team, it does have a number of colleges and universities that have football teams, including one in Charleston and one in nearby Huntington.

For many sports fans, a tailgate party is something that goes hand-in-hand with attending football games or other sporting events. Tailgating usually occurs in or near stadium parking lots where fans gather to have food and drinks before the game. While tailgating is a fun tradition, it can lead to some problems.

Like any other event where alcohol is involved, some people might drink too much and cause altercations. For this reason, the property owner should be sure to have sufficient security available to monitor and stop any problems that develop due to people drinking too much.

In addition to any problems fueled by too much alcohol consumption, tailgating can lead to injuries if the parking lot itself has hazardous conditions like broken chunks of concrete or inadequate lighting at night.

If an accident happens at a tailgate party, the property owner could be legally responsible for any injuries and resulting damages to the people involved. This is true whether people are gathering for a football game, concert or other any other kind of event.

When the property owner knows that people are likely to gather in a parking lot or other area before an event, the owner must take certain steps to help ensure their safety. This can include blocking off and putting up warning signs for any dangerous areas at the event space.

Tailgate parties are supposed to be a fun way of getting together before a game or other event. The people involved in tailgate parties need to do their parts to act responsibly and not take the partying too far. At the same time, the property owner that hosts the tailgating should take appropriate precautions to prevent injuries to the people attending.

Source: FindLaw, "Who's Liable for Tailgating Accidents, Injuries?," Brett Snider, Accessed on Sept. 27, 2015

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