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October 2015 Archives

Truck companies face driver shortages

Commercial trucks play an important role in West Virginia's economy. From logging and coal trucks to those that carry food and other consumer goods, trucks move the supplies that people need on a daily basis. The truck industry employs millions of people throughout the country, but no job within the industry is more crucial than that of the truck driver.

What is the spinal cord injury grading scale?

Anyone in West Virginia who knows someone that has a spinal cord injury probably understands how complex and difficult these injuries can be for victims and their families. The spinal cord is critical to all human functions, and any kind of injury to it is a serious matter. However, some spinal cord injuries are more severe than others.

Not all fatal accidents happen in an instant

No matter where or how they occur, fatal accidents are never easy for people to comprehend. Moreover, for friends and family of the deceased person, trying to move past the accident can be extremely difficult. Many of these kinds of fatalities are the result of almost instantaneous events, like a motor vehicle accident, that claim the victim's life immediately.

Early morning Charleston accident leads to fatality

Cars and trucks are thousands of pounds of metal, glass and other assorted materials, and they can travel at high speeds. Most people can easily understand that bad things happen when these vehicles run into each other or into any other objects. Likewise, the outcomes can be very grim when a motor vehicle strikes a person who is walking near the street or riding on a bicycle. Such was the case in a recent accident in Charleston.

No tailgate should end with accident and injuries

This is the time of year when many people throughout West Virginia root on their favorite football teams. Even though West Virginia has no professional football team, it does have a number of colleges and universities that have football teams, including one in Charleston and one in nearby Huntington.

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