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Tough roads aren't the only cause of fatal accidents

In a prior post, this blog discussed a research report from earlier in the year that showed that the poor condition of West Virginia's roads contributed to many deadly accidents in the state. While it may be true that many of the state's roads and interstate highways need major repairs, creating better road conditions is not the only way to decrease auto accidents and their resulting injuries and fatalities.

Every person who drives a car, truck or any other kind of vehicle on the roads, has a responsibility to drive with reasonable care toward the safety of others in the area. At a minimum, this means adhering to road signs and signals, and following all other traffic laws. But, driving safely also entails paying attention to the road at all times.

At James F. Humphreys & Associates, we know that in today's world, drivers can get distracted by their cell phones, by other people in the vehicle with them or by things going on near the roadway. Many drivers think that it is okay for them to turn their attention from the road and glance at something else for just a few seconds. However, in less than a few seconds, an inattentive driver can cause a fatal accident.

People in the Kanawha County area have turned to our law firm's website for resources on what their legal rights may be following a motor vehicle accident that results in serious injuries or fatalities. We are experienced in prosecuting serious and fatal accident cases from beginning to end. In some cases, for example, we have conducted accident investigations to uncover all of the available evidence that has helped prove our client's side of the case.

Although a negligent driver's insurance company may offer to settle a claim quickly, the injured victim or his or her family members should ensure that they understand all of their options before agreeing to any kind of settlement offer. Our firm has experience thoroughly evaluating all facets of an accident case to help each client determine his or her best legal course of action.

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