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September 2015 Archives

Tough roads aren't the only cause of fatal accidents

In a prior post, this blog discussed a research report from earlier in the year that showed that the poor condition of West Virginia's roads contributed to many deadly accidents in the state. While it may be true that many of the state's roads and interstate highways need major repairs, creating better road conditions is not the only way to decrease auto accidents and their resulting injuries and fatalities.

Are trucker safety rules causing more truck accidents?

In July 2013, new federal trucking regulations changed the hours of service that truck drivers could legally operate. One of the more controversial regulations, described as the 34-hour restart rule, required drivers to take at least a 34-hour break before restarting their driving work week. However, is it possible that the restart rule actually led to more truck accidents rather than preventing them?

Are fatal workplace accidents on the rise?

In a post last spring, this blog reported that poor road conditions in West Virginia contributed to the state's high traffic fatality rate relative to other states in the country. But the state's number of traffic deaths is not the only type of accidental death where West Virginia's statistics may be going in the wrong direction.

Electrical stimulation for spinal cord injury patients

People in West Virginia who have gone through a spinal cord injury can appreciate the profound effects that it can have. This is true for the person who suffered the injury, but also for that person's friends and family. Although someone may never fully recover from this kind of an injury, that does not mean that there is no hope for moving on and enjoying a meaningful life after a spinal cord injury.

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