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Premises liability is simple concept, but cases can be complex

Premises liability law arises out of the idea that when people go onto someone else's property, they expect not to get injured. Because of that expectation, the property owner has a legal duty to take reasonable steps to ensure that his or her property is safe for other people. Accordingly, if the landowner fails to meet this obligation and someone gets injured on the property as a result, the owner might be legally liable for that person's injury-related damages.

Premises liability law has various different nuances that make it more complicated, but the description above is the basic idea behind it. At James F. Humphreys & Associates, we have more than a quarter of a century of combined experience in handling personal injury cases that are the result of a person suffering an injury on someone else's property.

Many of these kinds of cases turn on whether the injured person can prove that the property owner knew about the dangerous condition but did nothing to correct the problem. For example, a wet floor or inadequate lighting may cause a customer at a store to lose his or herfooting and fall. When that happens, our firm has experience collecting and presenting evidence to help show that the store owner knew about the danger and could have taken steps to correct it or warn the customer about it, but chose not to act.

The website for our Charleston-based law firm has helpful resources for many different kinds of personal injury cases. A slip-and-fall accident or any other kind of injury resulting from a dangerous property condition can leave the victim with a variety of damages. We fight for our clients and help them protect their interests, whether that's through litigation or negotiation and settlement.

Our website has pages that describe some cases and outcomes that are representative of the work that we have done for our clients. Please feel free to visit it for more information.

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