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July 2015 Archives

What treatments are available for spinal cord injuries?

Most West Virginians probably understand that the spinal cord is a vital component of their body and that injuries to it can lead to permanent disabilities. Paralysis and other effects of spinal cord injuries can be devastating, but what are the available treatments that can help people with such injuries?

Truck accidents can cause unparalleled damage

Every year in the United States, tens of thousands of people die in motor vehicle accidents. Estimates from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are that in 2014, about 32,675 people died in accidents. Although fatal motor vehicle accidents are not uncommon, nobody expects that it will happen to them or any of their close friends or family members.

Lack of repair to home leads to serious injuries

The summer months are a popular time for people in West Virginia to spend time with family. Some families plan reunions where members travel from all over the country to spend a few days with each other. Other people plan smaller family gatherings or vacations. These reunions and vacations can create lasting memories for families, and photographs are a common means of capturing the event to remember it for many years.

How do courts value children's lives in wrongful death cases?

When a person in West Virginia dies in a fatal accident like a car crash, a representative for that person's estate may be able to pursue a wrongful death cause of action against any parties whose actions may have led to the death. Typically, a spouse or other close family member is the representative, and they will ultimately get any compensation, through the deceased person's estate, that results from the legal action.

Understanding truck accident claims

Every day, semi-trailers haul tremendous amounts of goods and raw materials all across the country. In West Virginia, trucks transport the state's coal, timber and other materials out of the state and to various parts of the country, and other trucks bring goods into the state for daily consumption. The transportation schedules for all of these products can be complex and leave little room for error. Accordingly, many truck drivers and truck companies feel pressure to deliver their cargo as quickly as possible.

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