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Woman files truck accident suit in Kanawha County

Rear-end collisions are a common type of accident, and they can happen for a variety of different reasons. In most cases, however, the driver who hit the car in front of them will be legally at-fault for the rear-end accident. This is because common sense and reasonable safe driving principles dictate that a driver should always leave adequate space between their vehicle and the one in front of them.

If a driver is speeding, not paying attention or following another vehicle too closely, the person may not have enough time avoid a collision when the vehicle in front comes to a stop. This is especially true if the lead vehicle must stop abruptly.

Recently, a West Virginia woman filed a lawsuit in Kanawha County alleging that a dump truck rear-ended her vehicle. According to the woman's filing, she was driving on U.S. 119 and was stopped at a red light when she claims that the dump truck hit her car. She alleges that the impact pushed her vehicle off the roadway.

The lawsuit named the driver of the truck as well as the truck company as defendants in the case. The woman is seeking damages for both physical and psychological injuries that she says resulted from the truck accident.

While a case like this might sound open and shut, proving negligence is not always that simple. As with any other kind of case, evidence from the accident can help prove claims against truck drivers and their employers. This can include eyewitness testimony, and also physical evidence like skid mark measurements and the damages to the vehicles themselves.

Collecting evidence is just one part of proving a negligence case. People who are injured in accidents like this should promptly research what other steps must be taken in order to move their case forward.

Source: West Virginia Record, "Woman blames K&K Trucking, driver for accident," Kyla Asbury, May 27, 2015

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