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Pool owners may be responsible for accident prevention

For many kids and adults throughout the United States, the summer months are synonymous with fun in the sun and swimming. Summer just officially began, and rising temperatures in West Virginia mean that people are heading to their favorite swimming spots. Like various other activities, swimming does come with certain dangers, and pool owners should take appropriate precautions to ensure that swimmers stay safe while swimming.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, unintentional drowning causes a few thousands deaths each year. Not surprisingly, many of these drowning deaths involve young children. When it comes to swimming pools, people who own private pools should enclose the pool with a barrier so that children cannot access the pool without an adult. Likewise, owners should be sure to supervise children when they are in or near the swimming pool.

Although drowning might be the most obvious and serious health risk related to swimming, pool owners need to be aware of other potential dangers. For example, germs in the pool can cause illnesses, which the CDC refers to as recreational water illnesses. Pool owners should take measures to keep the pool clean and free of germs. Maintaining the proper chlorine levels can help, but even chlorine cannot immediately kill all illness carrying germs.

The CDC notes that RWIs come in various forms and can affect the skin, ears, eyes and many other bodily systems. Chemicals in the water can also cause RWIs, and so can chemicals in the air. The CDC warns swimmers to learn some basic safety facts so that they can avoid RWIs.

Pool owners have to do their part to prevent drowning and other serious injuries like RWIs. If the property owner's negligence causes a pool accident, victims and their families may have legal options under West Virginia's premises liability laws.

Source: CDC.gov, "Recreational Water Illnesses (RWIs)," Accessed June 15, 2015

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