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June 2015 Archives

Pool owners may be responsible for accident prevention

For many kids and adults throughout the United States, the summer months are synonymous with fun in the sun and swimming. Summer just officially began, and rising temperatures in West Virginia mean that people are heading to their favorite swimming spots. Like various other activities, swimming does come with certain dangers, and pool owners should take appropriate precautions to ensure that swimmers stay safe while swimming.

How common is paralysis in the U.S.?

A large number of people in West Virginia and throughout the country probably recognize the name Christopher Reeve. Residents may remember him as the tall and athletic actor who starred as Clark Kent, and his alter-ego, Superman, in the famed Superman movies. On the other hand, some people may recognize his name and associate it with a completely different set of circumstances.

West Virginia has more fatal ATV accidents than any other state

As the weather warms, many West Virginia residents are heading outside to participate in outdoor activities. From boating to enjoying all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), West Virginians are busy having fun on recreational vehicles. However, these recreational activities often come with a lot of risk. When the negligence of another person interferes with the safe operation of recreation vehicles, people can get seriously hurt or even killed. Sadly, fatal accidents are not uncommon.

Woman files truck accident suit in Kanawha County

Rear-end collisions are a common type of accident, and they can happen for a variety of different reasons. In most cases, however, the driver who hit the car in front of them will be legally at-fault for the rear-end accident. This is because common sense and reasonable safe driving principles dictate that a driver should always leave adequate space between their vehicle and the one in front of them.

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