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May 2015 Archives

West Virginia lawyers handle all kinds of accident cases

Car accidents can result in life-changing consequences. This is, of course, true for accidents that result in fatalities, but even accidents where everyone involved survives can still have long-term effects. People in West Virginia who have been in an accident, or know someone who has been in an accident, may have their own examples of how a car accident affected their life and the lives of the people around them.

What is the statute of limitations for wrongful death?

When a person in West Virginia dies in a fatal accident, legal action is not typically the first thing that family members think about. Instead, they are typically preoccupied with trying to say goodbye to their loved one and dealing with the emotional pain that goes along with death. Furthermore, in some cases, the deceased person's family may not even know that a legal cause of action is available in their case.

W. Va. balances importance of coal trucks against safety

To say that coal mining is an important industry to the state of West Virginia would be making a vast understatement. Since the state's inception, coal mining has been the backbone of West Virginia. Even today, coal mining is an essential economic engine for the state and its residents. The abundance of coal mining in West Virginia spurs the need to transport that coal throughout the state and to other parts of the country.

West Virginia man files suit against property owner

Many people in the Charleston area have dogs that they love and adore just like any other member of their family. But owning a dog comes with responsibility, not just for taking care of it, but also making sure that the dog doesn't endanger anyone else. Even the kindest dogs can act out and bite people under certain circumstances. When this happens, the dog owner will usually bear responsibility for any damages suffered by the victim of the biting dog.

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