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April 2015 Archives

How can surviving family prove medical malpractice?

People in Charleston who have had a close family member pass away know how difficult it can be to deal with this kind of loss.The situation can be even worse if the death was due to some kind of sudden and unexpected event like a motor vehicle accident. Another source of far too many fatal accidents is medical malpractice.

West Virginia's highway program seeks to reduce car accidents

In the first quarter of this year, 46 people lost their lives on West Virginia's roadways. This is well below the average of roughly 68 deaths per quarter in 2014. But, that comparison can be misleading because the annual number of fatal accidents is not necessarily evenly distributed across all four quarters of the year. In other words, some parts of the year may have a disproportionate number of deadly accidents compared to other times of the year.

Hope for spinal cord injuries can come with great costs

Too many people in the Charleston area know what it's like to be the victim of a serious accident. Whether the person is involved in a workplace accident, motor vehicle accident, or one that occurs from a dangerous property condition, accidents can cause a wide variety of injuries. Few injuries, regardless of their cause, create as much fear and uncertainty for victims and their families as spinal cord injuries.

What does open and obvious mean in West Virginia?

Under West Virginia premises liability laws, property owners have an obligation to take certain reasonable steps to protect people from hazardous conditions on their property. West Virginia has its own set of laws that address the legal options for a person who suffers injury because of a dangerous property condition. These laws are broadly similar across the country, but each state has its own nuances in the law.

West Virginia high court rules on truck accident case

Any time that a person is involved in a motor vehicle accident, preservation of the evidence is important for a few different reasons. Pieces of the wreckage, eyewitness accounts and other evidence can help investigators figure out exactly how the accident occurred. In addition, the evidence can support any legal claims that accident victims may pursue.

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