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What are brake issues that cause West Virginia truck accidents?

In many professions these days, West Virginia workers must be competent at performing a wide variety of tasks. Most truck drivers, for example, must be able to do more than just drive their tractor trailers across the country. They may be responsible for helping to load and unload the trailer at each location. In addition, West Virginia truck drivers must know how to keep a trucking log, so that they can adhere to federal regulations. Just as important, drivers have to understand truck maintenance and how to recognize problems with their vehicle.

People in West Virginia, who drive on a daily basis, probably understand that the brakes are a vital safety component. Likewise, truck drivers should have knowledge about the brakes on their trucks. A variety of common brake issues can become dangerous and lead to truck accidents if the driver or truck company does nothing to repair them.

One common braking problem is imbalance between the truck's wheels. Except for the truck's front wheels, each wheel on the truck and the trailer should bear an equal amount of braking pressure. If brake imbalance occurs, it can cause the truck to pull in one direction when the driver brakes the vehicle.

Timing is another problem that can plague a truck's brake system. The brakes on a tractor-trailer should work in a certain order. The trailer brakes should catch first, followed by the tractor's brakes. When this timing is not in sequence, it can cause the trailer to bump into the tractor, which, at high speeds, can lead to a dangerous situation.

When a driver or the truck company fails to properly maintain a truck's brakes or any other part of the vehicle, they are creating a dangerous situation for other drivers on the road. If an accident results from this kind of maintenance failure, both the company and the driver could be legally responsible for a negligence claim by any injured victims.

Source: TruckingInfo.com, "What Drivers Should Know About Brake Problems," Jim Park, March 10, 2015

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