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Going onto someone else's property should not endanger your health or safety. This is true regardless of whether the property in question is a commercial place open to customers, or a private residence. Sometimes, however, property owners fail to properly maintain the premises, which can lead to dangerous conditions for anyone on the property.

These kinds of accidents can happen under a wide variety of circumstances. For example, worn out carpeting on someone's stairway at home can make the stairs especially slippery. If the owner invites guests to their home but does not correct the carpeting problem or at least warn their guests about it, one of the guests could fall on their way up or down the stairs.

Like an accident in someone's home, these types of situations can arise in businesses that are open to the public. Conditions like exposed wires in a building or even unstable tables and chairs can lead to accidents and injuries to unsuspecting patrons.

Under West Virginia law, the property owner must adhere to certain obligations regarding property safety as it relates to other people on the property. At James F. Humphreys & Associates, we know how to approach premises liability cases and help prove that the law is on your side.

We are a personal injury firm dedicated to fighting for accident victims. The expenses following even a relatively common injury, like a broken bone, can be enormous. When that kind of an injury is the result of a property owner's failure to take reasonable steps to keep the premises safe, you should not have to bear the financial costs of the injury. Moreover, the property owner may also have an obligation to compensate victims for other damages like loss of future wages.

Nobody goes on someone else's property expecting or trying to get injured. When it happens though, we are available to help the victim.

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