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March 2015 Archives

Some keys to reducing spinal cord injuries

People in the Charleston area who have been touched by a spinal cord injury understand what a life-changing and difficult injury this can be for a person to deal with. These injuries are often debilitating, can cause paralysis and require the injured person to have long-term medical care. In addition, spinal cord injury victims may need help performing daily tasks that they easily could have accomplished on their own prior to the injury. Thus, a spinal cord injury can take a heavy toll on both the injured person and their loved ones.

What are brake issues that cause West Virginia truck accidents?

In many professions these days, West Virginia workers must be competent at performing a wide variety of tasks. Most truck drivers, for example, must be able to do more than just drive their tractor trailers across the country. They may be responsible for helping to load and unload the trailer at each location. In addition, West Virginia truck drivers must know how to keep a trucking log, so that they can adhere to federal regulations. Just as important, drivers have to understand truck maintenance and how to recognize problems with their vehicle.

West Virginia's roads rank poorly in safety

At one time or another, most people in West Virginia have probably driven or ridden on roads that desperately needs repair. Road conditions like small potholes or loose gravel can be inconvenient, but generally do not pose major safety threats. On the other hand, more severe road problems can lead to danger and serious accidents.

We help injured West Virginians get the law on their side

Going onto someone else's property should not endanger your health or safety. This is true regardless of whether the property in question is a commercial place open to customers, or a private residence. Sometimes, however, property owners fail to properly maintain the premises, which can lead to dangerous conditions for anyone on the property.

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